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The Genius Immersive Experience is produced by Borealis Interactive Group (BIG), trailblazing the next generation of immersive shows.

BIG enables a completely new experience in the leisure industry and strives to trigger a high-level range of emotions in the visitor. Through spectacular presentations of facts and history using the most cutting-edge technologies and the best design and development teams, something great and new is achieved.

BIG’s mission? To encourage people to look back on the legacy and influence of great thinkers, events and inventions, and to reflect on their impact. The BIG team believes that engaging with the past can provide answers to the questions and challenges facing humanity today. By bringing together different cultures, ages, genders and backgrounds, BIG enables people to be united and discover themselves anew.


Jeffrey Jah Founder

Bert van der Ryd Co Founder & COO


flora&faunavisions is the concept and multimedia creator for the Genius Immersive Experience. For more than 20 years, this internationally award-winning design studio has been bringing immersive and interactive experiences to life – from exhibitions and live music shows to fashion events and stage productions.

Recently acclaimed works include stage and festival designs for the electronic artists Solomun and Paul Kalkbrenner, and curating and designing the interactive exhibition Olympus Perspective Playground, which travelled to more than 10 countries. The studio also designed the spatial musical production Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise, which showed in The Shed New York City then China, and is currently designing Wagner’s The Ring Cycle for Opera Australia, to be premiered in 2023.

flora&faunavisions is an innovative creator of emotional moments, made up of an ecosystem of design professionals who specialise in the art of creating inspired content across industries and beyond expectations.

Sound Production

“When BIG and FFV approached me to score this groundbreaking show it took me about 2 seconds to say yes. Absolutely yes. With their vision for the show, the music was such an important, integral part to the experience. The challenge they faced in presenting a show that included not just a celebration of Da Vinci’s life and work but also the idea of how Leonardo would view the world today was also a challenge I also faced with the score. As the show moves from his beautiful paintings, through his inventions, into his interest in the cosmos and beyond, music was needed to drive and support the spectacular visuals. Something that reflected his incredible history but also looked to the future and the now. It was very important to give each section of the show its own sonic identity but also make sure the show had a sound that worked as a whole. Everyone involved in the project had musical ideas for the show so I was given references from all over the musical spectrum. In the end, I was essentially given free rein to move between genres, instruments, sounds and textures to write a score that hopefully respects Da Vinci’s mind bending, time travelling, visionary genius.”


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